Satinated or acid etched glass is produced by removing of silicium particles on glass surface with the use of acid. Due to this process, micro cavities emerges on the glass surface that allows good light transmittence, at the same time it gives non-transparent feature to the glass.

By comparing to sanded glass; satinated glass does not allow fingerprints and it’s very easy to clean with its very fine surface.

Satinated glass is generally used for interior design and furniture industry. We provides various types of satinated glass, such as; clear float, extra clear, tinted ,reflective glasses and mirrors as a satina glass.

According to our customers request, we can produce tempered, curved or laminated satina glass.

Possible Dimensions

Max. Size: 2500 x 3210 mm, Max. Thickness: 19 mm

Min. Size: 1605 x 2250 mm, Min. Thickness: 3 mm

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