During tempering (toughening) process immeadiate and excessive heating and cooling treatment applies on the glass therefore high compressive stresses are set up at the surfaces with balancing tensile stresses in the center.

Toughening process makes the glass durable and stronger against external impacts and  the exposure of thermal stress. As an example, tempered glass can be durable up to 300 degree heat exposure while annealed glass could be broken at 40 degree heat exposure.  That makes tempered glass 5 times more durable than annealed glass.                                                                                                     

Yuklu Cam has currently two tempering furnace, that makes the company’s tempering capacity is one of the biggest ones of Turkey.

Also, we can test tempered glass in our Heat Soak Testing unit under the standart of EN14179. Therefore, the risk of spontaneous breakages could be reduced due to Heat Soak Test.

Yüklü Cam is qualified according to EN12150 standart on tempering production, and meet the requirements for  EN1863 standard on heat strengthed production.

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